Thursday, 10 May 2012

Crazy Commuting

I have a new job. It is mentally stimulating, interesting and the day flies by so quickly! Then of course, there is the commute.

There is a reason why people wear headphones on public transport. I have categorized the main noise  offenders into a few groups, let's see how many of them you can spot:

- The 'my phone call is so important/interesting, I want everyone to join in' person
- The serial cougher/sniffer. There's always one!
- The 'Excited /had too much sugar child', generally doesn't bother me, unless I'm trying to sleep.
- The 'Teen Gossip Meeting' crowd. Seriously, I know who is going out with who, lads they like and their general likes and dislikes just from listening to them natter on.
- The 'one who can't chew with their mouth closed' person, or the person with smelly food. I honestly don't know which one is worse.

OK, so I really can't complain!

Aaand now I feel better. This blog can be pretty therapeutic, plus if this is all I've got to be complaining about then I'm doing OK. To be fair, I've learned a range of new skills, outside of work I have learned how to sleep on a bus, how to navigate and how to read books without getting motion sickness. Hurrah! Inside of work I'm constantly learning new things and putting them into practice. Genuinely feel very lucky to have this opportunity. (Note: Do not mess it up!)

Will keep you all updated on where the winds of time take us, hold on, it might be bumpy, we might end up on the scenic route, but we'll all get there in the end!

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