Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Crafty longings

For as long as I can remember, I've always had an appreciation for handmade goods. I really like the idea of someone putting their time and imagination into something and being able to bring it home.

With all of my enthusiasm, I figured I would be pretty good at crafting. I had the gist, surely that coupled with a giddy splurge on a rainbow of various wools and some ambitious hat and scarf combo ideas would be all I would need to get started.

I was wrong.

Bit of background - In primary school, we were taught to knit and sew. Not just the girls, boys too. Our teacher's logic was that anyone could be a fashion designer, seamstress or simply enjoy creating their own crafts. I remember being OK at knitting. What had faded from my memory was the ability to start knitting and how to finish or 'cast off'. The bit in the middle I was grand at.

So maybe knitting isn't for me. What about jewellery making? Maybe! Pottery? I once made a punk style ceramic cat, it now serves as an ugly jewellery stand. Maybe not. But then I see something like this and get all inspired again. I could definitely make zombie cups, or mug shaped hands or some sort of quirky door stop.

If anyone would like to treat me to this, you can get it from Etsy
You can only imagine my excitement when I came across a shop in Temple Bar called MayFly who specialise in handmade curiosities, including (but certainly not limited to!) handcrafted jewellery, felted teddies, repurposed crafts and lots of one off pieces.

I know where I'm heading on pay day. At least until I magically become accomplished at crafting. Until then, I'm perusing Pinterest, May Fly and Etsy.