Friday, 30 November 2012

Late Late Toy Show excitement!

You would be forgiven if you didn't recognise me as it's been far too long since I've updated my blog. But I am here, and to say I'm excited is a fricking understatement!

If your childhood was anything like mine, the run up to Christmas wasn't complete without the Late Late Toy Show. For anyone outside of Ireland, it's basically a show all about this year's most popular toys which children have played with and then review to the host Ryan Tubridy. Without fail, at least one toy doesn't work on cue, one child always gets a bit dazed when pedalling out during the bikes/tractors/scooters parade and the host has to rock a Christmas sweater.

Ryan Tubridy on the Late Late Toy Show

Christmas cheese tree eh? Nom!
When I was a child I was always so excited about putting the tree up, the earlier the better in my eyes! However now that I'm an adult, I've decided that the official 'Putting up the tree' date will now fall on whatever day the Late Late Toy Show airs. Tonight, is that night folks.

After work I've got a list of groceries to get for the feast. One of my lovely aunts gave me a recipe for homemade Chex Mix, so I'm going to try make that this evening. Each year I put together a cheeseboard and make mulled wine too which is always fun!

Mmm... Mulled Wine!

I'm even wearing a colourful knitted jumper in anticipation for the big event. I, for one, can't wait to release my inner child! Roll on 9.30pm!