Sunday, 29 January 2012


Anyone who knows me will know that I tend to lean towards the kookier and odd things in life, but these little critters are heartwarming.

Now I don't think I'd go down the road of having a black wedding cake, but something about these two just makes me go "Aw!". Sure if you can't be creative on your wedding day, when can you?

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

As busy as a bee..

I will hold my hands up and admit it. I have neglected my blog, not for the first time, nor the last (knowing me!) But I have a very valid excuse.

At the moment I'm up to my eyeballs planning a wedding, my wedding actually, well our wedding. So far we have sorted out the venue, colour scheme, budget, and just last week I chose my dress. I tried on a grand total of three dresses, a modern day Goldifrocks!
I may shop 'like a male' but it's efficient!

Even for me, this is a record. I don't "do" clothes shopping, I've never had an interest, fashion isn't a factor. It's more "Do I like this?" and it either ends up coming to the till or back on the rack it goes. It's not for lack of trying, in the past I have tried to keep up with fashion. I even had a pair of tracksuit bottoms with popper buttons all up the side, I wonder if they'll ever come back into fashion?

Anywho, I expect there will be a lot more wedding talk mixed with general nerdiness in the coming months, brace yourselves ladies and gentlemen, it might get bumpy!
Lego rings ftw!

Friday, 6 January 2012


Happy New Year folks! My body has decided to greet the New Year by embracing the common cold. At the moment I am a walking medicine cabinet, taking paracetamol, zinc, vitamin C and some seaweed thing that is meant to be fantastic for you.

Whilst at work today, a nurse let me know about the best way to kill a cold. I was intrigued, wondering if this secret was going to be pricey.

She leaned in to divulge said secret, and said "Whiskey, seriously. As much hot whiskey as you can handle." Well... After expecting the name of a protein, drug or vitamin I couldn't spell without wikipedia, whiskey?

I have worked in a museum dedicated to whiskey and had never sussed. Granted, my mother makes the best hot whiskies in Ireland, fact! But a medical professional backing up the medicinal uses of whiskey? I'm all for it.

And now off I go to combat the common cold with some Irish whiskey. Sláinte!