Saturday, 31 December 2011


Now after the buzz around Christmas, the year moves swiftly into the 'New Year' territory. 2012 as a whole seems to be met with a mixture of anticipation and fear. Fear over the Mayan calendar predictions, about rising costs, water levies etc. But hope is rife too, will 2012 bring new experiences, travel, marriages, births and new opportunities?

I believe that life is what you make of it, if the Mayan calendar signals the end of humanity then not much can be done to change it. I believe, logically, the scenario was a bit more like the cartoon below.

 I don't believe in making resolutions, but the most common ones seem to be losing weight, getting in shape, learning a new skill etc. I think making resolutions like that generally won't work. It's like being on a diet, if you restrict certain foods and treats it'll make you want them more.

I, for one, will look into 2012 as the year of change as I have no idea what lies in store, and that's what makes it exciting.

Now I'm off to put the bubbly in the fridge, happy new year to all, let's see what 2012 has to offer!

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

The Annoying Moment when...

You think you're on top of this whole Christmas malarkey and realise that all the presents haven't yet arrived! I have half the pressies wrapped, Christmas cards bought (but not posted, doh!), few goodies stocked away for Christmas Eve and plans to meet family and friends this week.

For me, no Christmas is complete without the Mr. Bean Christmas special episode, it doesn't seem to be on the TV this year so this is where streaming comes into its own!

I believe the best part of Christmas is the run up to it, which builds up to Christmas Eve. Child or adult, no one can deny the anticipation that's in the air on Christmas Eve. The bird is in the fridge, presents under the tree, all we have to do is snuggle up with some goodies and watch Christmas specials.

Part of me will be glad when the whole organisation of Christmas is over and I can just indulge on Christmas Day whilst my body digests the delicious dinner. I tell you, its the anticipation that makes it!

Monday, 12 December 2011


Oh yeah! Wait a minute Mr. Postman!
I currently have this tune stuck in my head...

I am officially on postman watch. I thought I'd be clever and do my Christmas shopping online. "How easy and time efficient" I thought, but now I'm worried about whether or not they'll arrive in time for Christmas. It might be an idea for me to buy a few little back up presents, just in case. Or at least some IOU notes!

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Damn you procrastination...

I have so much that I should be doing. Namely tidying, cleaning and generally being organised. I wish I had the type of organised whirlwind days, you know the type of day where motivation is at an all-time high? I aim to bring out my inner Domestic Goddess meets Wonder Woman. Domestic Woman? Hm.. No. Wonder Goddess! Ah yes, that's the one!

So a hybrid modern woman between this:
Disclaimer: I can't fly, and the last time I used a lasso, I looked like a Macrame disaster.

And this:

Although I can't imagine myself being overjoyed at staying at my reflection in shiny kitchenware, nor do I drive a funky vintage car. And I really do appreciate the mod cons like a dishwasher, washing machine, tumbledrier et al.

I'm what one would call an avid list maker, I make lists for my lists, and yes... I own and use a Filofax. So perhaps if I make a list of all the things I have to do, I'll morph into 'Wonder Goddess', whizz around getting everything done and have time to sit and relax with a cuppa whilst saying to a bewildered onlooker "Oh, the entire house clean, laundry, shopping , fire lit and bills to be sorted? All done, sure it only took me a little while!". Instead of the general response my brain seems to opt for "Oh sod it, you can do it tomorrow."

Perhaps 'Wonder Goddess' won't be around all the time, but when she is, that lady knows how to get shit done!

Sunday, 4 December 2011

A staple read for modern women...

I have just finished reading 'How to be a Woman' by Caitlin Moran. I stayed up til 4am so I could finish it, it was the epitome of what one would call a page turner. Moran deals with how women are perceived my popular culture, in the media and of course, by other women. She rants and reminisces, all the time weaving her stories with humour and charisma.

For every woman who has read Bridget Jones, watched Sex and the City or has ever wondered why on earth we women jam our feet into horrendously uncomfortable shoes, this is a must read.


Sunday is a day of rest, so spending the day in my PJs is completely excusable. And if I was to just happen to come across the left over cheese from the mighty Toy Show cheese board and indulge myself, well that's totally OK too.

All this talk about budgets and money woes, I choose to shut it out for now. I have my health, happiness and food to indulge in, what else matters in these times? And now back to the gorging and movie watching. 

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Christmas Shopping Craziness

I am currently present shopping for Christmas. If anything, finding and buying presents for our nearest and dearest should be a piece of cake, thanks to the internet. I currently have my eye on a few items, and have morphed into a bargain hunting Queen. I am becoming adept at pitting eBay, Amazon et al against each other for my business. I'm calculating the currency exchange, virtual shopping trolleys and baskets are filling up.

But more than anything I'm looking forward to spending time with my nearest and dearest, watch a few corny Christmas movies and relax. Bring it on!

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Mr Bean related nostalgia

Remember Mr. Bean? Rowan Atkinson's bumbling character who got up to all kinds of mischief? My favourite episode was the Christmas one, the nativity scene relocating, the turkey getting stuck and of course, Teddy getting new eyes.

Who didn't love Teddy? A keen eyed friend of mine spotted this online, so it is now possible to have their own teddy, eyes and all!

Only one more day...

Until the Christmas tree goes up in Chez Ree! I have fought the urge to get the tree out of the attic in November, leaving it til the 8th of December just feels too late. What we need in these gloomy times are creature comforts and a few beautiful things in our everyday lives to look at.

I can't wait to see all the ornaments for the tree again. Over the years I have collected a few lovely pieces (if I don't say so myself!) But most of all I'm looking forward to seeing the Newbridge Silverware ornaments. I'm a bit of a magpie in that respect, but I think everyone can appreciate a little bit of sparkle!

I have a confession...

Alright, I may as well just come clean now. My name is Lisa and I have a Yankee Candle addiction. Seriously, I cannot bring myself to walk past a Yankee Candle shop without nipping in for a snoop and a sniff.

I was having a little look on one of the Yankee Candle websites that I order from and they have a new collection called "My Favourite Things." Sometimes I wish, with all the technological advancements we are experiencing, that someone would create a scratch and sniff function on the computer just so I could try before I buy.


 I may just have to buy a small votive set of them, just as a trial run y'know? For research purposes of course.

 Have a little look.