Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Damn you procrastination...

I have so much that I should be doing. Namely tidying, cleaning and generally being organised. I wish I had the type of organised whirlwind days, you know the type of day where motivation is at an all-time high? I aim to bring out my inner Domestic Goddess meets Wonder Woman. Domestic Woman? Hm.. No. Wonder Goddess! Ah yes, that's the one!

So a hybrid modern woman between this:
Disclaimer: I can't fly, and the last time I used a lasso, I looked like a Macrame disaster.

And this:

Although I can't imagine myself being overjoyed at staying at my reflection in shiny kitchenware, nor do I drive a funky vintage car. And I really do appreciate the mod cons like a dishwasher, washing machine, tumbledrier et al.

I'm what one would call an avid list maker, I make lists for my lists, and yes... I own and use a Filofax. So perhaps if I make a list of all the things I have to do, I'll morph into 'Wonder Goddess', whizz around getting everything done and have time to sit and relax with a cuppa whilst saying to a bewildered onlooker "Oh, the entire house clean, laundry, shopping , fire lit and bills to be sorted? All done, sure it only took me a little while!". Instead of the general response my brain seems to opt for "Oh sod it, you can do it tomorrow."

Perhaps 'Wonder Goddess' won't be around all the time, but when she is, that lady knows how to get shit done!

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