Sunday, 21 October 2012

Wedding madness has hit

Last week I blogged about being the most 'unbridey woman' ever. Mere days later I found myself shopping for ring cushion material as I couldn't find anything that we liked. All the ring cushions I saw were either white satin madness with lace and ribbon or rustic faux vintage chintz.

Is this how Bridezillaism starts?! A ring cushion here and centrepiece ideas there?

Ribbon wands - No, I've never heard of them either

I have to admit, Ebay has made a me a little confused about wedding planning. If you type 'wedding supplies' into the search bar, the regular things such as favours and guestbooks pop up. Delve a little deeper and there's a subsection for tulle, aisle runners, planning aids and card holders.

Although my inner bride might be ready to emerge for air, I can't see it going as far as card holders and doves.

I'm not having doves... Honestly.

Monday, 15 October 2012

The mad month of October

If your family is anything like mine, it seems that certain months of the year tend to have everything happen at the one time. April for example has two family birthdays and a wedding anniversary. It looks like October will be our new busy month!

October is home to my birthday, our pending wedding date, Mr. Ree's favourite holiday, Halloween, and the month that he proposed. 

It got me thinking about all this wedding related madness. Recently friends of ours got married and the one piece of advice they gave us was not to leave things to the last minute. Get everything sorted, booked and done as early as you can. I thought we were doing pretty well sorting out the venue, photographer and videographer. But I haven't even looked at flowers, bridesmaid dresses, hair, make-up etc. So much planning goes into a wedding, and the devil is in the detail!

Anyone who knows me, will know that I'm the most 'un-bridey' woman ever. I never dreamt of my wedding day, sighed over Cinderella's horse and carriage or acted out wedding ceremonies with friends. So our aim for the day was to keep things simple, fun and very 'us'. 

One thing I've already learned is to play your cards close to your chest. Some people have an idea of what a wedding should be about. But ultimately  it's down to the bride and groom. What they want their day to be about, to celebrate their love and celebrate with their nearest and dearest. If people plan to spend the day bitching about the centrepieces or silly trivial things then that's their issue. I plan to be having as much fun as possible with my new husband and enjoy the day we've planned. 

Ultimately, that's what any couple wants on their wedding day.