Sunday, 21 October 2012

Wedding madness has hit

Last week I blogged about being the most 'unbridey woman' ever. Mere days later I found myself shopping for ring cushion material as I couldn't find anything that we liked. All the ring cushions I saw were either white satin madness with lace and ribbon or rustic faux vintage chintz.

Is this how Bridezillaism starts?! A ring cushion here and centrepiece ideas there?

Ribbon wands - No, I've never heard of them either

I have to admit, Ebay has made a me a little confused about wedding planning. If you type 'wedding supplies' into the search bar, the regular things such as favours and guestbooks pop up. Delve a little deeper and there's a subsection for tulle, aisle runners, planning aids and card holders.

Although my inner bride might be ready to emerge for air, I can't see it going as far as card holders and doves.

I'm not having doves... Honestly.

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