Tuesday, 20 December 2011

The Annoying Moment when...

You think you're on top of this whole Christmas malarkey and realise that all the presents haven't yet arrived! I have half the pressies wrapped, Christmas cards bought (but not posted, doh!), few goodies stocked away for Christmas Eve and plans to meet family and friends this week.

For me, no Christmas is complete without the Mr. Bean Christmas special episode, it doesn't seem to be on the TV this year so this is where streaming comes into its own!

I believe the best part of Christmas is the run up to it, which builds up to Christmas Eve. Child or adult, no one can deny the anticipation that's in the air on Christmas Eve. The bird is in the fridge, presents under the tree, all we have to do is snuggle up with some goodies and watch Christmas specials.

Part of me will be glad when the whole organisation of Christmas is over and I can just indulge on Christmas Day whilst my body digests the delicious dinner. I tell you, its the anticipation that makes it!

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