Saturday, 14 April 2012

Tick Tock...

Awake for the third night in a row at 4 am. I sense a pattern emerging:


Lie down and try to empty mind of all thoughts.

Gah! Itchy foot.

Listen to himself snoring happily, silently jealous!

Wonder if there's a new episode of Family Guy/American Dad/South Park etc. Go check.

End up on Wikipedia, crap!

Have song stuck in head, must find it on Youtube. It always seems to be an obscure song that I know four words to, and they may or may not be in the correct order. But I have the tune!

Look for headphones so I don't wake himself.

Can't find headphones, I'll keep the search tab open for later.

Too hot. Kick off duvet.

Too cold. Wrap half of self in duvet.

Have headache. Oh God, what if I've some obscure head related ailment?!

OK, shut up brain and let me sleep.

 4:30 am -  Urgh...

Pillow too warm, flip pillow to the 'cool' side, repeat.

Plan out tomorrow (today?) in head.

Try again to drop off to sleep.

Name of person/song/movie title etc. pops into head from earlier conversation when said information was relevant but evading memory.

I should write that down. No, don't turn the light on, it'll trick the brain into thinking it's time to get up.

Meh, I'll remember it later.

Give up on sleep attempt, stream episode of something nostalgic online.

8:00 am - Wake up with laptop beside me. Oops, you sleep on the floor Mr. Laptop.

Put laptop on floor, now back to sleep.

8:30 am - Still awake, feck!

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