Monday, 12 March 2012

Spring forward!

We are now entering Spring, the beautiful time of year when flowers are budding, baby lambs are born and so much of nature is regenerated into new life. I actually prefer Spring to Summer as a whole, although the Summer evenings are wonderful and laid back, something about Spring is so magical. The freshness in the air, it's almost like an air of excitement with everything buzzing with the anticipation of what's to come.

Hand in hand with all things fresh and spring like comes the spring cleaning! I cannot wait to start putting fresh flowers in my home again after the evenings of snugness and candles that Autumn and Winter bring. The pops of colour and the smell of fresh flowers is fabulous. There is something almost therapeutic about de-cluttering the house, cleaning it and leaving it smelling fresh and looking like a room from a magazine! I firmly believe that a bit of de-cluttering is good for the soul, although it can be pain in the arse getting the 'get up and go' notion to go do it, but it is worth it!

With the fresh spring afternoons, I've become inspired to bring the dog for a walk down the country roads, there are new smells that I can take in so one can only imagine what he can smell with his super sensitive dog nose! One of my most favourite things to do as a child was to go for a walk with my Grandad and sister, bringing his dogs through the woods, picking flowers and asking Grandad 101 questions about "What's this?" "Is this poisonous?" "Why are the dogs sniffing that tree?" One of our favourite spots was the Bluebell woods near his home, which blossomed beautifully in the Spring. I can still remember picking the flowers, smelling them and wondering why, if they were Bluebell flowers, why they didn't ring when I shook them. Ah childhood innocence!

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