Sunday, 30 December 2012

New Year, New You?

The bird has been stuffed and eaten, the cheesy movies have been watched and if you're anything like me, you're trying to work out where to put all the lovely Christmas pressies you've received.

One thing that I never really understood was New Year's resolutions.

Also, don't google 'weightloss', it makes for depressing reading, even in the images section.
Ads for weightloss and getting fit have been popping up all over the interwebz, as these are generally the things that people hope to change when resolutions are made. Personally, I could never go on a diet so soon after Christmas. There's chocolate, sweets and biscuits to, ahem, 'dispose' of. We have two boxes of Celebrations and biscuits to nibble through. There's just too much temptation!

I think that so much emphasis is put on changing the physical, that often the mentality behind the changes can be neglected. Instead of wanting to change your body shape, why not work on your own body image?

I could not be described as skinny, I have wobbly parts. And stretchmarks. Not such a sexy picture, but I'm human! Body confidence is still a major issue.

I see it in my own circle of friends, when I compliment a friend's figure or say that they look great, they're quick to swat the compliment away. Why do that? Take the compliment, you look great and you should feel great. Granted, I'm guilty of compliment swatting. I did it for years. It was only when an older and wiser friend told me to try just saying "Thank you!" in response that things started to change.

Confidence is something that everybody struggles with, be it in work, in relation to their body, in social situations, whatever it may be. No one is immune from suffering from a lack of confidence. If you do one thing today, pay someone a genuine compliment. Seriously. If you think they look good, if you like their hair/outfit, a joke, something funny or interesting they tweeted etc., then say so. By paying someone a sincere compliment it can help bolster someone's confidence and really brighten up their day. Guys and girls alike. Try it and see!

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