Sunday, 2 September 2012

Third speed engaged!

This year is officially flying by!

Next month will be pumpkin carving season, there are Christmas trees and festive decorations already for sale in some stores!

Any Sims fan will know what I'm talking about when I talk about the fast forward function on the Sims clock...
Third speed engaged surely?!
Think it's important to remember to kick back every now and again. I've taken my own advice and have bought a new tea pot and some exotic teas, it's a lazy Sunday must!

Perhaps I'm just 'feathering the new nest' a little bit, but I've become a little overenthusiastic about homeware goods. Although I'll buy myself and Mr. Ree the odd treat, I can't resist oh-so-subtly side stepping into the homeware department of any store I'm in.

I really want these Scrabble cushions..

IKEA is my mothership. There, I said it! There are soft furnishings and little bits and pieces to make the place homey. Anywhere I live will never be immaculate, manicured or kept like a show house, but I've always tried to make it feel like a home.

Adding this to the Christmas list!
 Let's be honest, home is where you relax. It's your haven from whatever is going on outside and it's a reflection on yourself. I'm currently surrounded by DVDs, photos, comic books and candles, all things that we both love. Life is already manic enough, it's so important to fit time into relax. If you can't relax at home, where else can you? 

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