Saturday, 28 July 2012

Goodnight Sweet Prince

It's taken a bit of time for me to write this particular post, as it's not one bringing good tidings.

Our beautiful dog Bruno has been put to sleep after contracting bone cancer.

Yes, the same cheeky lad who made off with my sweets and tried to hide the evidence!

For anyone who has had to put a pet to sleep, you will probably understand the pain and emotions. The decisions you have to make. The uncertainty behind them.

The one consolation that we have is that we had the time with him to get to know him, spoil him and completely enjoy his personality and the love he gave us. 

When people ask us "Would you not just get another dog?" We have to just say "No." Maybe time will change this, but for now the answer is no.

For there will never be another Bruno. The same lad who chased snowballs, watched TV (even having favourite ads and movies), his distinctive howl, the way his tongue would stick out when he was relaxed. All those little quirks that made him unique and, at times, completely hilarious!

For all those who have pets, hold them close and cherish them. Enjoy all the moments with them, even if they piddle on the carpet or chew on the table legs, they're yours and you're theirs. Don't hold grudges against them for silly things, just love them.

On the last days that we had Bruno, we made extra time for him, doing silly things and letting him eat whatever he wanted! But even if we had weeks, months or even years, we would always have wanted more time.

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